Data, Research, & Strategy

Michael J. Schillawski

Research, Data, & Strategy


Data scientist and consultant with expertise in public opinion research and targeting

Michael is an insightful data scientist who enjoys solving problems and develops pragmatic strategies to help clients make better decisions. He has a deep analytic toolbox to draw from and is ready for the next opportunity to build my data science skills and apply them to a diverse set of challenges.

Based in Washington, DC, Michael's background is as a political consultant, specializing in survey research and data science. He began work at The Feldman Group, followed by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research. In more than 5 years as a pollster, Michael has advised statewide campaigns - at both the state and federal level, congressional races, and advocacy and labor organizations. Learn more here.

While studying at Cornell University, he was the Cornell Democrats' president and treasurer of the College Democrats of New York. In his free time, Michael is always outside: hiking, camping, biking, climbing, and keeps goal for Margin of Terror, a rec soccer team. You can see some of his adventure pictures here.




Capitol Hill
Washington, DC 20002



Areas of Expertise


I have worked with clients to develop their goals and objectives into survey instruments. I have more than 5 years of extensive experience designing, conducting, and analyzing public opinion survey research. I provided strategic guidance and actionable recommendations to clients ranging from political campaigns, advocacy organizations, and labor unions.


I have worked at the intersection of polling and data science. I have a robust analytics toolbox to analyze any problem and extract valuable insight to apply to your business problems. I have experience communicating technical results to non-technical audiences and bridging the gap to explain how data science can be applied to your business needs.


The best survey research and analytics methods are only tools without an understanding of the political and tactical environment you are operating in. I have more than 3 cycles of electoral experience advising clients where to put their resources, which voters to talk to, and what to say to them.